Blupi Being Speedy
Blupi (also known as Eggbert; originally Toto) is the titular character of a series of games he stars in. He first debuted in the Smaky game Blupi at Home. His latest appearances was in the Windows games (Planet Blupi, Speedy Blupi/Eggbert I & II, Blupimania II).


He's a yellow, oval creature with long arms and short legs. He has thick black eyebrows on his head, big white eyes with black (and white circle) pupils, big round nose, small and round mitten-like hands, and big oval feet. His mouth is always shown partially open except when he shows certain emotions.


In most of the games he stars in, Blupi might be shown as an adventurous character, as he's willing to go and explore various places, even if the places are in fact dangerous to Blupi. By appearance itself, Blupi can be seen as a cheerful character.


Planet BlupiEdit

Blupi is capable to do various tasks like cutting down a tree, carrying an item on his head, building, mining, carving rocks, growing tomatoes, and many other tasks.

Speedy BlupiEdit

He is capable of jumping on certain heights (from low to high jumps), utilizing vehicles, making use of explosives (dynamites and personal mines), pushing and pulling crates, swimming and diving, and many more.


  • Blupi's voice mostly consists of random noises and sometimes gibberish (can be heard when he dies in Speedy Blupi II). In Planet Blupi, however, he can be heard speaking clear English whenever he's clicked or asked to perform a task.