Blupi Explorer (Blupi Explorateur) is a 2D platform game where Blupi looks for treasure chests, similar to Speedy Blupi. The game can now be downloaded for free from the official Blupi website. However, it requires DOSBox to run on computers past Windows ME.


The player controls the titular Blupi as he explores a large castle that spans 22 rooms and four floors to find treasures. Blupi can walk left or right by using either the arrow keys or the D and F keys, jump by using the space bar, use an object by using the number key corresponding to the object in the inventory, or brute force his way through an obstacle if he does not have the required object (costs a spare Blupi) by pressing Enter. As he explores the castle, Blupi can find stairs and lifts. Stairs are marked with an arrow to let the player know if they can be climbed up or walked through. Sometimes, stairs can only go one way due to the mix of two different arrows, after which if the player tries to climb up/down again, they end up walking through it instead (and vice versa) due to the other arrow's forced walking direction. Lifts, which move up and down, are another way of traveling between floors, but Blupi has to ride on them carefully, as falling down a lift chute will cost one of the spare Blupis.

There are places where Blupi needs a certain object to gain access to. Forcing Blupi to access an area will cost a spare Blupi. Blupi can achieve extra spare Blupis by collecting flowers and hearts, both of which cannot be collected if Blupi already has enough lives (maxed out at four). It takes ten flowers/hearts to regain a spare Blupi.

Other than the usual obstacles, enemies in the form of alien robots can be found roaming the castle. Blupi can jump on them to defeat them, but some are outright indestructible, distinguishable by having something spiky at the top.

The game's starting score is 5,000 points, which counts down as the time goes on. Dying will subtract the score by 1,000 and bumping into the ceiling while driving the helicopter will subtract the score by 2. The score can be replenished by picking up treasure and useful objects scattered inside the castle. Basically, the final goal of the game is to obtain as much score as possible.


  • Left and right arrow keys/D and F keys: Move Blupi left and right respectively
  • Space bar: Jump; Fly helicopter
  • 0-9 keys: Use object corresponding to its placement in the inventory
  • Enter: Brute force through an obstacle (consumes a spare Blupi)


Playable charactersEdit


Name Sprite Description
Destructible Alien Robot Alienrobot1 Comes in three variants: The car type, the generic robot type, and the wheel type. Moves in a straight line and only switches direction if an obstacle is in its way. Explodes if Blupi touches it, costing a spare Blupi. Can be jumped on to defeat it, but will respawn again later.
Indestructible Alien Robot Alienrobot2 Comes in two variants: The arrow type and the horned type. This type of enemy has a spiky top to keep Blupi from jumping on it. Moves in a straight line and only switches direction if an obstacle is in its way. Explodes if Blupi touches it, costing a spare Blupi.


Flower Flower Collecting 10 of them adds a spare Blupi. Cannot be picked up if the player currently has four spare Blupis.
Foot Foot Get off the tank. Only usable at certain bumps used to walk off the tank. Worth 50 points.
Heart Heart Collecting 10 of them adds a spare Blupi. Cannot be picked up if the player currently has four spare Blupis.
Helicopter Be helicopter Aerial vehicle. Fully restores all four spare Blupis if not full. All doors and bridges disappear once Blupi gets in and the rest of the additional treasures show up, but can result in score penalty if he touches the ceiling. Lifts can instantly kill Blupi if he touches it while in the vehicle. Bypasses any staircase rule.
Key Key Opens a gate. Worth 50 points.
Machine Machine Lowers a bridge. Worth 50 points.
Potion Potion Shrinks Blupi to allow him to walk underneath a small passage. Worth 50 points.
Screw Be screw Activates a tank. Worth 50 points.
Steps Steps Adds missing stair steps. Worth 50 points.
Spring Spring Makes Blupi jump over a short wall. Worth 50 points.
Tank Be tank Ground-bound vehicle. Requires a screw to be used. Blupi cannot jump while in this vehicle. Requires the foot item at another tank bump to get off the tank.
Treasure Treasure Main collectible. Adds 200 points to the score when collected. Collecting 60 of them is required to finish the game.

References in later gamesEdit

  • Blupimania - This game's music can be heard as a puzzle music.
  • Planet Blupi - The concept of alien robots being Blupi's enemies is revisited.
  • Speedy Blupi - Blupi once again collects treasure chests as his main goal. The game is also a 2D platformer, but spans multiple levels (more so with its level editor feature) instead of only taking place in a castle. The only obstacle that is shared with this game is the gate-and-key one, but even then it has its own difference being that the key has to be the same color as the gate. Blupi can also use vehicles, but Speedy Blupi offers more options and has different controls for the helicopter. Touching most enemies also results in explosion.
  • Speedy Blupi II - As this is the sequel to Speedy Blupi, it shares the same references to this game.


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
French Blupi Explorateur Blupi Explorer
German Blupi im Schloss Blupi in the Castle

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