Glue supply is an item used for shooting enemies using glue tank and a helicopter. It can be found in both Speedy Blupi/Eggbert games. When Blupis are shot, they will get stuck, unable to move.

Glue supply

Trivia Edit

  • Bulldozers, birds, wasps and fish will only disappear when shot by glue.
  • If enemy Blupis are shot by glue supplies, they will not react at all when they fall into lava or water. Even if they fall and stay underwater, they won't lose their breath.
  • The player Blupi will show his "burned" animation if he falls into lava after being shot by glue.
  • In Speedy Blupi, if the player shoots enemy Blupis, they will get stuck after displaying an explosion animation. In Speedy Blupi II, enemy Blupis will also get stuck but no explosion is shown.