Planet Blupi is an isometric real time strategy game similar to Blupimania. People may consider this game to be a sequel to the latter, and Planet Blupi borrows a few songs from that game. The full version of the game includes more levels, and also allows you to create your own.

The game's source code was released in 2017 for it's 20th Anniversary and can be played on all major computer platforms. You can download the game here for free:



Planet Blupi

Like Blupimania, Planet Blupi is isometric. This time there are many Blupis. Doing work causes the Blupis to get tired, and eating will prevent them dying of exhaustion. Blupis could do different things, build, drive vehicles, carry bombs, farm, chop trees, etc. This game really was immersive.

The StoryEdit

In Planet Blupi, there is a large singleplayer campaign. Planet Blupi is one of, if not the only Blupi game that has a story to it. The story is about a spaceship that comes to Blupi's homeworld, bringing a robot that's building factories and enemies that try to destroy Blupi. Missions can have different objectives, ranging from "Each Blupi in his house" to "Destroy all enemies".


  • Unlike the other games, the campaign in Planet Blupi actually had a story.
  • If you click on a Blupi many times in a row, he will sound angry, even if he has full stamina, instead of saying "Yes sir!" in a cheery tone. He will still do the work, however.
  • Certain structures are impossible to build without sacrificing one of your Blupis.
  • Some versions of the game came without the cutscenes installed, but you can download them as add-ons here:
  • As of September 8th, 2017. The game's source code was released under SDL2.

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