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Smaky Infini is a Smaky 400 emulator for Microsoft Windows. With this program, users can play Blupi's earliest titles.

Each time the program starts up, the user may manually adjust the color settings.


How to play a Blupi game on the SmakyEdit

1o1o 1

First, click on MODELE

1o1o 2

Next, click on TOTOS.

1o1o 3

Select the game you want to play.

1o1o 4

Then click on the file with the .CODE extension.

Managing Saved GamesEdit

  • To load a game, press F1.
  • To save a game, press F3.

Loading a saved game doesn't seem to work properly in Blupi Exploratuer. Hence, there are no pre-defined save files for that game.

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