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Speedy Blupi, or Eggbert, is perhaps the most well known Blupi game as it was marketed under the name of Speedy Eggbert, and it could easily be found in eGames compilation games in stores. Speedy Blupi is a side scrolling platform game, similar to that of Blupi Exploratuer, except that Blupi cannot defeat enemies simply by jumping on top of them a la Super Mario Bros. People who mention the game would commonly refer to Blupi as "Eggbert".

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There was also a sequel to Speedy Blupi, Speedy Blupi 2. It was roughly the same, but had new missions and a few new features such as palace tiles and the hover vehicle. A few things were also removed that were in the original, most notably the ability to create your own multiplayer missions.

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Mission editor allows players to create their own custom levels for two versions Speedy Eggbert. Players can add elements such as bombs, lava, birds, sharks, bulldozers, and others that are dangerous for Eggbert's life. Eggbert can also collect treasures in order to win the game. There are elements like lollipops, recharged device, invisibility potion, and others that can be useful for Eggbert to solve problems in his journey.

The first version of Speedy Eggbert includes blocks like Rocks, Houses, Mechanics, Techno, Kids' Stuff, Dream, Woods, and Library. All blocks except Dream remain in Speedy Eggbert II. There are also more blocks like Palace, Cave, Cheese, Bricks, and Slime in the second version.

Over 20 missions can be added in the level editor. However, there is a hidden feature called Cheatplayer that allows players to create world levels, final level, multiplayer missions, and replay missions. The game can also be modified by using Resource Hacker. Read more information about how to create a Cheatplayer.
Speedy Eggbert 2 Yellow Blupi Sprite Sheet

A sprite sheet from the sequel


  • The bulldozer enemy in Speedy Blupi may be a tribute to a Smaky program.
  • Even though his name was changed to Eggbert, in Speedy Blupi II, there is a big white Blupi statue featuring a print of text that reads "Blupi" below it, even in the eGames version!
  • There is a bug in two versions of Speedy Blupi games. If the player pulls the box and reaches the skateboard, the box will eventually disappear. If taking off the skateboard, Blupi gets stuck. In the second game, Blupi just falls down through the blocks.
  • Speedy Eggbert II did not include Dream blocks that were made for Speedy Eggbert I. However, some non-Dream blocks can be replaced by Dream blocks using some Paint program (see the video).
  • Most of these sound effects in all versions of Speedy Eggbert are heard normally. However, if using the audio editor, some sounds are heard differently, and most of those voices can be heard as creepy. Programmers altered these sound effects in order to make these games appropriate for everyone.

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