Speedy Eggbert 2 - Vas709 Mod is a modified version of Speedy Eggbert 2 game created by Vas709. It is the final version and can be downloaded from Dropbox or MediaFire for free. As of 2017, more than 800 users have downloaded the Vas709 Mod game and has a single vote with 3 out of 10 stars rating from The Iso Zone website.
Speedy Eggbert 2 - Vas709 Mod - Welcome screen-0

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay functions are the same as the original Speedy Eggbert 2. Eggbert is still required to collect treasures in some of these levels. The game includes Rocks, House, Techno, Kids' Stuff, Bricks, Woods, Cheese, Gold, Dream, Cave, Library, Golden Palace, Pipes, and Mechanics world. Each world has eight levels. It also includes some bug levels (e.g. Eggbert in Wonderland). Multiplayer levels were also changed.

Several items and platforms were modified. The player can use golden balls to shoot enemies (like Eggberts and birds) using helicopter and tank. If enemy Eggberts are shot by golden balls, they will turn into gold. Also, if the player steps on a golden trap, Eggbert will get golden. Dream blocks were also made for SE2 - Vas709 Mod which were not available in the original SE2. Golden Palace is a modified version of the original Palace in SE2.

Trivia Edit

  • Candra Software (formerly known as Lorenzo The Comic) had deleted the old Blupi Paradise forum due to the fact that he didn't maintain a presence there for a long time. Since the deletion, the Vas709 Mod game can still be downloaded from file-hosting websites.
  • It is the first game to include eight levels in all world levels.
  • The door used to be unlocked after completing all levels in the training Woods world was removed. This is because all of these levels will be too long to finish.